Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Keeping up on Katie...


This is part of an interview with Warren Leight regarding the 14TH season of  'SVU' and just about Katie.  I have to say I don't agree with his comment about CI fans not watching SVU because I like both shows.  Katie's appearance in 'Acceptable Loss' is scheduled for October 17TH.  

You're bringing Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Kathryn Erbe to your squad room this season. How did that happen?
 I did Criminal Intent for seven years. One of the things that's strange is SVU fans watch Law & Order and Criminal Intent fans watch Law & Order, but Criminal Intent fans do not watch SVU. There's not as much crossover between those shows as you might guess. And now that there's only one show left, I'd like to bring those fans together. When we started to plot the fourth episode, we needed a Homeland Security agent. I didn't want to just keep throwing new people into this mix, and our casting director said "What about your old friend Katie?" We were all like, "That's it. We're done."

So what is her role exactly?
 Once Katie said yes, we retooled the script a bit. The backstory is she worked the Major Case Unit for over a decade. Her partner left and she was looking for something new. She's on loan to Homeland Security on a joint terrorism task force, which is high stakes and her character can handle that. It was great to have scenes between Katie and Mariska. These are two women who had long-term partnerships with difficult guys. These are two people who've been underestimated - who've worked just as hard, just as long -and people don't quite get how good they are.

Is this a one-time thing, or will we see more of her?Leight: She'll come back. I don't know exactly when, but she'll be coming back. Katie is so believable as an NYPD cop. The notion of bringing in someone new when she was just sitting there seems crazy to me. She's tough and she can be funny, but don't mess with her.

This coming Friday, Katie returns to the stage portraying Pat Nixon in the play 'Checkers'



In the spotlight: Richard and Pat Nixon, shortly before he became the 36th Vice President of the United States. Anthony LaPaglia and Kathryn Erbe star.

The focus: Douglas McGrath, who wrote screenplays for “Emma” and “Infamous,” flashes back to 1952 as Nixon is campaigning as his party’s candidate for veep. After an accusation of financial impropriety puts his place on the Republican ticket in doubt, he flies to Los Angeles and gives a TV address that changes his fate. The appearance also immortalizes the Nixons’ black-and-white pooch.
This offering joins “Frost/Nixon” in a growing canon of dramas about Nixon and media moments.
Runs Oct. 12-Nov. 18 at the Vineyard Theatre.
'Mother's House' is now available on Amazon for rent or to buy...


JoJo said...

That's very cool, her being in SVU. I am surprised at the statement that LOCI fans don't watch SVU. I always did and do. I lost interest in the main Law & Order after Chris Noth and then Benjamin Bratt left. Briscoe & Green were OK in the beginning, but overall, it just lost it's lustre. I love SVU though, although not so much w/o Chris Meloni.

Nantz said...

I love SVU and it isn't as if anyone who is a CI fan is some kind of traitor for watching it. With Christopher Meloni it was a solid cast. Dann Florek as the Captain is flawless and a big shout out to Ice-T and Richard Belzer. Solid.

vikeau said...

I would love to be able to see the play "Checkers". Ever since I was a kid I've had this bizarre fasination with Richard Nixon. I guess in part because of Watergate and I remember the first time I saw the "Checkers" speech replayed. I couldn't stop laughing. But I continue to be fancinated by his presidency and his personaility.

And at this point I think everyone who had a favorite L&O series is content to watch anone of them in re-runs. I know I am.

Leigh said...

I watch S18-20 & S1-5 of L&O (especially love Logan and Briscoe). I also love SVU, don't miss CM. Can't wait to see Katie's episode, and see her and Mariska together.

Leigh said...

Thanks for the info on Mother's House.

sullie said...

I began watching CI after watching SVU, do miss CM and can't seem to find chemistry with the new guy. I was really excited for their new season and esp excited Kate is back!

Anonymous said...

Nantz, em meu país CI foi a única da franquia que estreou na TV aberta e foi a primeira lei e ordem que eu assisti. Sério, foi amor a primeira vista. Goren e Eames foram os melhores personagens que eu tive o prazer de assistir e ótimos episódios e olha que na época eu assistia um monte de shows policiais! Mas passou só as primeiras temporadas. Só fui ter contato com meu show favorito quando adquiri uma TV a cabo. Mas eu não sabia que tinha uma franquia, e acabei assistindo SVU pensando que era CI mas com atores diferentes. Quando eu descobri o canal em que passava CI fiquei tão feliz!! Aos poucos deixei de assistir SVU, até porque passei a ficar comparando os detetives e isso não é muito legal (e não gosto de crianças e mulheres maltratadas). CI é minha grande paixão e NÃO assisto SVU como substituto de CI. Este era um show estilo DETETIVE mesmo,cerebral, detalhista.Uma coisa do nada era a pista que faltava pra pegar o criminoso,um verdadeiro trabalho de Sherlock, que eu amava. Nada haver com roteiros SVU. Queria ser mais democrática, mas não sou.Peço desculpas aos fãs SVU, mas eu não assisto e nem por Eames eu vou assistir porque o show foi e sempre será Goren.
PS. Por favor, não desqualifique meu comentário por ele soar meio amargo, ok?