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A quick study in oils of Vincent D'Onofrio.

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Second painting of Vincent D'Onofrio. Hope you enjoy!

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Vincent appeared on The Today Show, to discuss the voting of Nicole Wallace Die or Live on the show-on October 16 2004

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Released June 24, 2011

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The actor, most famous for his roles in movies like "Full Metal Jacket" and on the TV show "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," stopped by WCL to discuss his directorial debut, a horror/musical titled: "Don't Go in the Woods."

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source:thereelvincentdonofrio.com-Vincent appeared on the late show with Craig Killborn in 2001-discussing Imposter, and Criminal Intent

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Vincent D'onofrio stops by The Loop studios to talk with Pete and Jane about his fans, filming Full Metal Jacket, and his new film "Don't Go In The Woods."

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Actor-director Vincent D'onofrio, fresh off directing the new horror film "Don't Go In the Woods," gives some helpful tips to any aspiring young actors out there. Like eat a copious amount of tater tots.

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Vincent D'Onofrio has been an actor for more than 30 years. You may know him as detective Robert Goren on "Law and Order Criminal Intent". He's also been in a wide range of films from "Mystic Pizza" to "Full Metal Jacket." Now, he's taking on a new role director and writer of a Slasher musical called "Don't Go In The Woods."

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Actor and Director Vincent D'Onofrio stops by the studio to talk about his career and his newest project

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Just a very small clip of vincent d'onofrio in tooth of crime 1996

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From the album The Quickening. Released on 16 September 2011 by Golden Era Records.


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Sorry not sure what date this interview was.

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Chuck Ardezzone interviews Vincent D'Onofrio about acting and his new movie, "Don't Go Into The Woods"

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Vincent D'Onofrio on CNN Saturday February 5th, 2011 discussing the Arizona shooting and gun control.

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http://rumorfix.com/ Vincent D'Onofrio

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http://toppixautographs.com Vincent D'Onofrio signed autographs at the 'Kill the Irishman' premiere in New York City. For authentic autographed memorabilia of Vincent D'Onofrio and many other celebrities, check out TopPix Autographs at http://www.toppixautographs.com

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In a rare public appearance, Vincent D'Onofrio, star of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, urges Americans to protect law enforcement officials by calling on Congress to support the ban on large capacity ammunition magazines (HR308/S32). The 45 second ad specifically addresses the impact of lax gun control on law enforcement.
Find out how you can support the ban on large capacity ammunition magazines:

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http://toppixautographs.com VIncent D'Onofrio signed autographs at the 'Brooklyn's Finest' premiere in New York City. For authentic autographed memorabilia of VIncent D'Onofrio and many other celebrities, check out TopPix Autographs at http://www.toppixautographs.com

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Actor Vincent D'Onofrio discusses his directorial debut film, "Don't Go in the Woods". And offers some advice to young filmmakers. 

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http://toppixautographs.com Vincent D'Onofrio signed autographs fans at "PIX 11 Morning News" in New York City. For authentic autographed memorabilia of Vincent D'Onofrio and many other celebrities, check out TopPix Autographs at http://www.toppixautographs.com

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'Law and Order: Criminal Intent' star Vincent D'Onofrio — who made his name playing Gomer Pyle in the movie 'Full Metal Jacket' before taking on the role of enigmatic detective Bobby Goren in the NBC series—flew into town for the event from New York. He told POLITICO that meeting real life police officers over the years had shown him that the fictionalization of law enforcement was a far cry from reality.

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You've seen him in "Full Metal Jacket", "Men in Black", "Law and Order" and hundreds of other films, now Vinccent D'Onofrio joins The Stubbs Show on 101.5 The Eagle!

"BACK IN HIALEAH, HE'S JUST VINCENT DOWN AT THE GYM"...THE MIAMI HERALD...1988...LYDIA MARTIN Herald Staff Writer Straining on the overhead press at a Hialeah gym, Vincent D'Onofrio easily blends in with the regulars.

He's glad about that. In some parts of the country people gawk and stop him for autographs. Here, whether he's pumping iron at a neighborhood gym or shopping for a cappuccino maker for his mother, he's just a regular guy.

The only difference is that Vincent D'Onofrio, who grew up in Hialeah, is a pretty big name in Hollywood. He played the fat recruit in the 1987 movie Full Metal Jacket, he is in the current movie Mystic Pizza, and days ago he returned from Australia where he made a movie called Salute of the Jugger, in which he plays an athlete.

"When I come here I can be Vincent the guy I was when I grew up here. I come here often for that reason, and to be with my family," said D'Onofrio, 29, who now keeps an apartment in Manhattan.

D'Onofrio was in town last week for the opening of his sister's new gym, named Vincent's Gym after him.

"I came to help with the publicity and will come back every so often to help her out," said D'Onofrio, who stays at his mother's house when he's in town.

On the back wall of the gym, at 2050 W. 56th St., there are several autographed black-and-white glossies of D'Onofrio. Sister Toni D'Onofrio is hoping her brother's popularity on screen will attract people to the gym, which is equipped with Nautilus machines and free weights.

"We're using him. It's mostly word of mouth right now," she said. "I hope it becomes famous as Vincent D'Onofrio's gym, but now it's getting its name as a monthly gym with no yearly contract that people can afford."

D'Onofrio said he enjoys staying at his mother's house and taking a break from the cameras.

"I get to do the regular things when I'm here. Like the other day my little nephew woke up with a high fever and we had to take him to the hospital," he said.

D'Onofrio won a great deal of praise for his role in Full Metal Jacket, for which he had to gain 70 pounds. While it was a challenging role, he won't do any other role similar to it, he said.

"I'll never accept a role where I have to put on 70 pounds again, that's very hard," said D'Onofrio, who months before shooting Full Metal Jacket stopped exercising and started indulging in a daily diet of about 10,000 calories. After the movie, he spent nine months working out with weights and running to take the weight off.

For Salute to the Jugger, D'Onofrio had to look his athletic best. Today, he is trim and muscular and sports reddish hair.

"In this movie I have the posture of an athlete. I worked with a stunt man for a long time to get everything right. Working out in the outbacks of Australia was great exercise," he said. "I was tan from working out in the sun every day, and my hair was dyed red and bleached by the sun."

D'Onofrio said he would like to be an even bigger success story, but success itself never drives him.

"You have to be talented and work real hard," he said. "And you have to keep your mind off the success because it will come. If you work hard, you will eventually get paid for it."

In the world of movie-making, success goes hand in hand with making money. D'Onofrio is getting a taste of both.

"You want to know the most decadent thing I've done? Every day in the outback in Australia I had cappuccino," he said. "I hooked the coffee maker up to a car battery and I had the coffee flown in from Sydney."

The Salute of the Jugger - Training

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