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Vincent D'Onofrio speaks of 'Full Metal Jacket' and Stanley Kubrick with Movie Geeks United!

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Recently, Vincent was in California to film 'Broken Horses' and stopped by LACMA a few times to see the Stanley Kubrick Exhibit.  Here he is engaging the fans with stories of filming 'Full Metal Jacket'.  Photo courtesy of Xenia via Twitter.

It's official! CLIVE rehearsals with Vincent D'Onofrio and cast have begun!


World Premiere
By Jonathan Marc Sherman
Directed by Ethan Hawke

with Brooks Ashmanskas, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ethan Hawke, Zoe Kazan, and more

Inspired by Bertolt Brecht's inflammatory play Baal, Clive tracks a dissipated songwriter in 1990s New York City from the hedonistic heights of seduction and consumption into an ecstasy of self-destruction. This production reunites Jonathan Marc Sherman and Ethan Hawke, who teamed previously at The New Group on Things We Want (written by Sherman, directed by Hawke). At once a celebration and a nightmare vision of life lived for pleasure, Clive boasts an eclectic selection of classic American songs performed live.

Set Design: Derek McLane
Costume Design: Cathy Zuber
Lighting Design: Jeff Croiter
Sound Design: Shane Rettig
Original Music: GAINES

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Acclaimed Indian director returns to L.A. to 'chase a new dream'


The first time acclaimed Indian director Vidhu Vinod Chopra visited Los Angeles was to attend the Academy Awards after his 20-minute documentary, "An Encounter With Faces," was nominated for an Oscar.
The Indian government paid for his airfare because the young filmmaker, fresh out of filmschool, didn't have enough money to buy a plane ticket. He also couldn't afford to rent a tuxedo, so he wore his national dress — a night suit — on the night of the 1979 ceremony. The experience, however, planted a seed in Chopra's mind that he would eventually return to L.A. "If I was not nominated, I don't think I would be back here," he said.
Although he did not go  home  with one of Hollywood's coveted golden statues, Chopra has returned to the city more than 30 years later to make his first English-language movie. His independent feature, "Broken Horses," wrapped production Friday.
"The reason I came here was because all my dreams were fulfilled in India," Chopra, one of India's most renowned directors, said in an interview Saturday. "This is a different challenge. It's chasing a new dream all over again. I felt like I was in film school because nobody knows who I am."
His new $10-million movie was financed by India's Reliance Entertainment and isscheduled for release next year. Besides being Chopra's first film in English, "Broken Horses" also is believed to be the first to be shot by an Indian filmmaker in Los Angeles for an American audience.
Chopra's movies include Bollywood hits such as his last production, "3 Idiots," which was India's all-time highest-grossing film; a sweeping Shakespearean epic called "Eklavya: The Royal Guard"; and a documentary about destitute children in Mumbai.
Set in a California border town, "Broken Horses" tells the story of two brothers, played by Anton Yelchin and Chris Marquette, who get caught up in U.S.-Mexico border gang wars.
Although not a Bollywood film — the cast is mostly American and no one breaks out in song— it is loosely based on another picture Chopra wrote and directed, the 1989 Hindi movie "Parinda."
The script was written by Chopra and Abhijat Joshi, who also wrote "Eklavya: The Royal Guard" and "3 Idiots." Chopra's brother-in-lawSubhash Dhar, a collaborator on several of Chopra's films, also served as producer (Mandeville Films partners David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman were executive producers).
"To me this film is primarily a love story between two brothers caught up in a conflict in a border town," Chopra said. "I'm very close to my brother and my family, and it's really a story I wanted to tell."
The movie took several years to get off the ground. Originally conceived as a larger-budget project, the story initially was set in New York, but Chopra realized he didn't know the city well enough. He revised the script to use a border town as the backdrop and scouted locations in Nevada and New Mexico, but he ultimately selected the L.A. area because of its diverse locations and strong crews. (The production also got a $2-million state film tax credit.)
Chopra assembled a top-notch crew, including Oscar-nominated cinematographer Tom Stern ("The Hunger Games," "Million Dollar Baby"), production designer Toby Corbett ("Crossing Over") and Emmy-nominated costume designer Mary Vogt ("Men in Black 3" and "Batman Returns").
"I had a $100-million crew on a $10-million movie,'' Chopra said. "They had all come from big movies."
"Broken Horses" filmed over 34 days throughout the L.A. area, including Victorville, which played a border town; downtown, which represented New York City; and locations in Santa Clarita and at Polsa Rosa Ranch in Acton, where the crew built a chapel, a cabin and a small pond with water pumped from a nearby reservoir. The 730-acre ranch, which straddles the Santa Clara River and borders the Angeles National Forest, is a popular spot for filming and was also used for Disney's "The Lone Ranger."
"It was a perfect site for us," Dhar said. "L.A. has so much to offer. You can shoot for New York, a border town, for deserts — it's got amazing landscapes within 50 miles of the city."
Bundled up in a cap and winter jacket to fend off the 40-degree weather on a recent weekday at Polsa Rosa Ranch, Chopra was joined by about 100 crew members filming a scene for "Broken Horses."
Julius Hench sat in his black Ford SUV perched on a hilltop in Acton, watching one of his lieutenants drive down a dirt road to a ranch house in the distance. A man behind the truck cranked up a fan to blow a cloud of dust behind the truck.
Chopra liked the scene, except for one thing: He noticed Hench, played by Vincent D'Onofrio, was blinking too much and asked him to give him another take. D'Onofrio, star of the TV series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," repeated the shot with less blinking.
"We got it — very nice," Chopra said.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'Cobble Thrill' Kathryn Erbe’s Brooklyn pad is dramatic in many ways

  • Posted: 10:13 PM, December 12, 2012
‘I really love having friends over. Eating and drinking and having kids around,” actress Kathryn Erbe, 47, says of the sprawling 3,000-square-foot Cobble Hill penthouse that she shares with her two children: Maeve, 17, and Carson, 9.
Erbe also opened up her Brooklyn condo to the castmates and crew of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” on which she starred as hard-boiled detective Alexandra Eames for a decade, until last year. During the WGA writer’s strike in 2007, when production ground to a halt (and just a few months after she’d purchased the place), Erbe had more than 40 of the cast and crew members over for a meal.
WHERE IT’S AT FOR KAT: The actress has a 3,000-square-foot triplex featuring a gorgeous staircase and a 75-foot ceiling.
Michael Sofronski (4)
WHERE IT’S AT FOR KAT: The actress has a 3,000-square-foot triplex featuring a gorgeous staircase and a 75-foot ceiling.
KEEPING THINGS IN ‘ORDER’: Kathryn Erbe has used her kitchen to cook for former “Law & Order” castmates.
KEEPING THINGS IN ‘ORDER’: Kathryn Erbe has used her kitchen to cook for former “Law & Order” castmates.
“I like just putting a big pot on the stove. Easy stuff. I don’t have lofty aspirations as far as cooking goes. It was awesome,” Erbe remembers. “Plus, we had just moved in so there wasn’t that much stuff around.”
Previously, she lived in a Park Slope townhouse with her ex-husband, actor/director Terry Kinney. She’d wanted to stay in the neighborhood, but “finding a three-bedroom that was affordable, relatively speaking, in that neighborhood was very difficult,” she says.
Erbe had been in contract to buy an apartment, on Seventh Avenue and St. Marks Avenue, and was in the middle of a bidding war but had to walk away from it when she learned the owners built an extension disregarding the historic preservation laws. “It had a little thing on top with a private deck where we could see the water,” she says. “They had to take it off. When I saw that, I walked away.”
It became clear Erbe would have to extend her search, and that’s when she discovered Cobble Hill. “There was a tornado in Brooklyn five years ago, and Maeve and I went apartment-hunting on that day. This was the first place we looked at, and we looked at each other and said, ‘Oh, this is it.’ ”
Housed in a former church, the space is dramatic. From the three-story master suite, whose ceiling soars a whopping 75 feet, to the large, stained-glass window in the loft-like living room, the three-bedroom, 2 1/2-bathroom triplex feels more like a country house than an urban dwelling. This feeling is accentuated by Elena Madden’s lush waterscapes (five oil paintings and two digital prints), which hang in the living room amid cozy antique furniture. Her great-grandmother’s couch, which has been passed down through generations and survived a flight from Nazi occupation, sits in her office on the second floor.
Much of the city can be seen from the top floor of the master suite, which offers 360-degree views. The vistas include Governors Island, lower Manhattan, Staten Island and both the Brooklyn and Verrazano bridges, but the water has a particular draw for Erbe.
“I love water, and I love looking at water,” says the Boston-area native. “When I thought about trying to find a place that’s my own with my kids, one of the things I really wanted was to be able to see water. I didn’t know how I would accomplish that in New York.”
The water reminds her of childhood summers spent on Goat Island, a small island in Newport, RI. “The one place I like to go doesn’t take dogs though, so I don’t go anymore.”
Erbe is quite attached to her two dogs, Lilah and Tallulah, rescues from the North Shore Animal League. She even takes them to work, which most recently was Union Square’s Vineyard Theater, where Erbe played Pat Nixon in Douglas McGrath’s acutely observed drama, “Checkers.” (The play, which also starred Anthony LaPaglia as a dead-on Richard Nixon, just finished its run.)
Erbe was so comfortable in the first-lady costume, she wore the extensive getup outside the theater. “I walked the dogs in my costume, wig and everything,” she says. (And the acting bug even rubbed off on Lilah, who has become the poster dog for North Shore, promoting the virtues of shelter dogs.)
And while Erbe and her kids were initially reluctant to leave Park Slope, they have embraced Cobble Hill.
“It reminds me of the way it used to be in the Meatpacking District,” an area where Erbe spent a lot of time acting in plays pre-“Law & Order.”
“I love doing theater more than any other acting because it’s so instant, so hard and so fleeting.,” she says. “The things that make it difficult almost make it more worthwhile.”
Kathryn Erbe’s
* Her children’s artwork
* Her family photos
* The 360-degree views
* The couch that once belonged to her great-grandmother
* A Wedgwood Wellesley china set

Monday, December 17, 2012

More photos of Vincent D'Onofrio on the set of 'Broken Horses'


Vincent D'Onofrio nominated for 'Fright Meter Award' for 'Chained'

The FRIGHT METER AWARDS are presented annually by the Fright Meter Awards Organization, an organization dedicated solely to honoring and recognizing excellence within the Horror genre. The nominations and winners are determined by members of the HORROR MOVIE DIARY Fright Meter Awards Organization. Members consist of Horror fans, bloggers, actors, producers, directors, and others, making the Fright Meter Awards truly the most prestigious Horror award given.

The Fright Meter Awards aim to select and nominate worthy films regardless of budget, means of release, or popularity.

Me, one of the 31 committee members of the FRIGHT METER AWARDS, is proud to announce the nominations of this year's awards:

Best Ensemble Cast
* CHAINED (Vincent D’Onofrio, Eamon Farren, Conor Leslie)
* EXCISION (Roger Bart, Traci Lords, AnnaLynne McCord, Ariel Winter)
* LOVELY MOLLY (Gretchen Lodge, Ken Arnold, Alexandra Holden, Johnny Lewis)
* THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (Amy Acker, Kristen Connolly, Tim De Zarn, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Richard Jenkins, Fran Kranz, Bradley Whitford)
* THE LOVED ONES (John Brumpton, Robin McLeavy, Jessica McNamee, Xavier Samuel, Victoria Thaine)

Best Actor In A Leading Role
* Daniel Radcliffe - THE WOMAN IN BLACK
* Ethan Hawke - SINISTER
* John Cusack - THE RAVEN
* Neil Maskell - KILL LIST
* Vincent D'Onofrio - CHAINED

Best Horror Movie

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Can't even find the words...

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Updated at 1:30 p.m. ET: A young man clad in black and carrying two handguns shot up an elementary school in a small Connecticut town on Friday, leaving 18 small children and eight adults dead in one the nation’s worst school massacres, law enforcement officials said.

The gunman, described as a 20-year-old man from Connecticut, was later found dead, a federal law enforcement official told NBC News. A second person was in custody for a possible connection to the shooting, NBC’s Pete Williams reported.



It's a wrap! 'Broken Horses' in the can...

That's a wrap Broken Horses!! First rate crew, First rate director, it was a pleasure. I think it's going to be an incredible movie!
Well I'm officially picture wrapped on Broken Horses!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Broken Horses' starring Vincent D'Onofrio comes to Victorville

Nearly 80 roll into town to shoot 'Broken Horses' 
December 04, 2012 8:51 AM

VICTORVILLE • A deputy with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department watched calmly as several large trucks blew through a stop sign in downtown Victorville on Monday afternoon.
“We’re here for the day to shoot a modern-day Western,” said Katie Valovcin, 22, a production assistant with Mandeville Films, as she helped with traffic control on the corner of Fourth and C streets.
Anton Yelchin, best known for his starring role as Pavel Chekov in JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek,” rolled into town with a group of nearly 80 to shoot a portion of the movie “Broken Horses,” which is set to be released in 2013.
Actor Steve Luna, who had a small role in Abrams’ film, said the production crew was using the exterior of the former El Rancho Theater for the actionpacked movie.
“We filmed the interior in L.A. and we’re using this theater for all the exterior shots,” Luna said. “The bad guy is using this border-town theater called The Alamo as his headquarters, and we’re his guys that go out and regulate.”
Just before sundown, as the production crew loaded several large trucks with sound and light equipment for the ride back to base camp, actor Carl Silva, 25, said he enjoyed his brief time in the Victor Valley.
“I have family who live in the area, so they had a chance to watch some of our work today,” said Silva, as a group of actors gathered around him for the ride back to base camp near the Victorville City Library on Circle Drive. “Downtown had a nice feel to it. The people have been very nice.”
Several large yellow signs reading “BH” were posted along Seventh Street, which directed the production team with several trailers, three semi-trucks and more than 50 cars to the film’s base camp on Sunday night.
The crew also filmed near the railroad tracks after obtaining all the proper documentation.
Director Vinod Chopra, who owns one of the leading film production houses in India, is at the helm of this movie, according to the Internet Movie Database, IMDB.com.
“I saw Vincent D’Onofrio from ‘Law and Order’ come out of the theater doors a few times,” said Justino Alcala, 23, who watched the filming along with nearly 40 others. “With all the action, I think it’s going to be a good movie.”
The film was shot in multiple locations throughout Victorville.
ACTION: A scene for 'Broken Horses' was filmed on Hesperia and Seneca roads next to the Rustic Tavern in Victorville on Monday. MICAIAH CARTER, Special to the Daily Press

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Family fun...

Vincent has been filming 'Broken Horses' in CA and recently Leila and her friend went to visit him...