Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guest post: 'Clive' review by Jared Elber

Let me begin by saying I have never seen or read anything about the play Baal that Clive was based off of.  I went to the show with little expectations other than the fact that I love Ethan and Vincent and that there was no way I would miss the two of them on stage together.  Entering the Acorn Theatre I quickly realized that three people I were with and I were the youngest people there by ten years at the least.  That being said we all loved it.  I noticed that the majority of the time that we were laughing and enjoying the “new school” music references and jokes, that we were generally the only people in the theatre laughing.  After reading several reviews of people saying how disappointed they were after seeing this play, I decided to write this review to show my support for the show.  Maybe it was the little that I knew about the original play, or the fact that we were much younger than everyone else there, but I absolutely loved it and could not stop laughing the entire time.  I found some of the characters confusing at first because of the small cast playing different characters; however I was quickly able to follow and understand what was going on.  I plan on seeing Clive again in the last week that it is open and am anxious to see how much it changes since the preview show that I attended.   The talk back that the cast did after the show was also a great way to ask questions and hear more about how the show came to be.  On an additional note, meeting Vincent, Ethan and the rest of the cast after the show was great and they were nothing short of amazing on and off the stage.