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'Chained' and Jennifer Lynch to be at St. Louis International Film Festival


'Chained'...My Review


I had the opportunity to watch 'Chained' a week or so ago and I started to write a review that was turning into a long and overly detailed deconstruction that left even me bored.  I'll spare you that and just give my overall impressions.  Frankly, I think some people may be experiencing a 'Chained' overload as of late and there have been many reviews already written that have rehashed the film a million times over.

I think the film as a whole was well done although it dragged in some places and in others seemed glossed over or edited.  I wasn't bothered by the ending as I know some were and it actually caught me by surprise.  Sure, maybe more of an explanation would have been more helpful but since Jennifer Lynch has already indicated the same, that seems to be something that would be addressed in a Director's Cut should it ever happen.

I was impressed by the cinematography and hats off to Shane Daly for his execution of creating  an atmosphere of a depressed dimly lit interior of Bob's home in sharp contrast to a sunny outside with captures of unusual cloud formations.  The inside of Bob's house reminded me of going to visit my grandparents home and how dark it always was.  It scared me.  The furniture was dark and it seemed like there was never more than a 25 watt lightbulb in the lamps.  

Equally impressive were the two young actors who played young Rabbit and older Rabbit, Evan  Bird and Eamon Farren, respectively.  Each did an admirable job and held their own opposite an experienced actor like Vincent D'Onofrio.  As the young Rabbit, Evan Bird's expressions and demeanor were spot on and never forced.  And as older Rabbit, Eamon Farren portrayed his character as a young man stripped of his youth yet with a resolve that helped him to survive unspeakable horror.  Both actors were painfully thin to the point I found alarming but lent itself to the conditions their characters lived in and as a result of.  I was secretly hoping they went to McDonald's and had a feast once the filming was complete.

Vincent D'Onofrio.  All in.  He brought it.  Stripped naked mentally and physically, it was his show.  I don't know if anyone could count on one hand any other actors who time and time again attack a role with such courage and commitment.  He WAS Bob.  When a character like Bob, who does such horrendous acts, can also make you feel some compassion is no easy feat.  Vincent successfully did both and it's to Jennifer Lynch's credit to give us a view into the inner workings of a serial killer that but for the grace of God could be you or me.  I didn't think the speech impediment was a necessary addition and at times seemed more pronounced at times than others.  In the flashbacks with young Bob, I didn't notice that he had any problem with his speech but maybe because of the trauma he went through it developed afterwards.  Still, there were other notable characterizations and expressions that more than made up for that distraction.  No one 'gives eyes' better than Vincent D'Onofrio.  That kind of emotion he shows comes from a place that actors only dream of reaching.  You can learn the ABC's of acting but to completely immerse oneself into the character and convey that feeling is something that is a gift.  Vincent D'Onofrio is a gifted actor.

All in all,  I thought it was a successful film save for a couple of things that bothered me.  I didn't think cabs had no meters or posted ID of the cabdriver.  I understand some states and/or regions operate their cabs this way but it seemed strange that the fares just threw money at Bob as if they already knew in advance how much the fare was.  And, when Sarah Fittler (a short but well acted turn by Julia Ormond) tried to use her cellphone, got no signal, yet in the background I saw telephone poles and what looked like an industrial area.  I'd also would be curious to know why Bob's brother (Jake Weber) approached Bob about getting rid of his wife and son.  Did he already know what Bob was doing?  

I was happy that Vincent was awarded 'Best Actor' at Sitges International Film Festival and that the good people of Catalonia recognized and rewarded his talent.  He deserved it for taking on a role that would scare most and not be capable of giving 100%.  We in the United States already knew that, even though he has been passed over for awards and recognition in his homeland.  It's not what he set out to do.  He just wants to act.  And we are the grateful recipients of following the career of someone who gives as much as we get.  Atta boy, Vincent.

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Bonus video deleted scenes from 'Acceptable Loss' with Kathryn Erbe


For an EXCELLENT recap of last night's episode by Chris Zimmer of 'All Things Law and Order' click HERE  Honestly, the work she puts into her recaps is amazing.

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Vincent D'Onofrio's daughter, Leila George, debuts in live radio play, 'Sarah Minds The Dog' at Dixon Place Oct. 16TH

Tech rehearsal at Dixon Place of 'Sarah minds the dog' for ... Live recording tomorrow night!!!

Playing Live: October 16th
Well-mannered, well-brought-up young Englishwoman, Sarah gets herself into a bit of a pickle when left in charge of the much loved Rottweiler of a Russian mob boss.


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Photo: Kathryn Erbe meets fans after 'Checkers' matinee


VIDEO: Kathryn Erbe on 'Weekend Today'

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

TODAY   |  Aired on October 14, 2012

‘Law & Order’ star Kathryn Erbe: ‘I miss Eames’

Fans of “Law & Order” will be welcoming back a familiar face in this week’s episode. Kathryn Erbe will guest star, bringing back the character she played for over a decade on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

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'Vincent D’Onofrio talks about new films “Chained” and “Sinister”'

October 13, 2012 By Mike Gencarelli

Vincent D’Onofrio  is known best for his roles in projects like “Men in Black”, “Full Metal Jacket” and TV’s “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”. Vincent recently directed an amazing horror film called “Don’t Go in the Woods”, starred in Jennifer Lynch’s “Chained”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Vincent about that role in “Chained” and if we can expect him to direct again soon.
Mike Gencarelli: How did you get involved with Jennifer Lynch’s disturbing “Chained”?
Vincent D’Onofrio: We had a mutual friend and she wanted me to read the script. I have known Jennifer for a longtime, even before she did “Boxing Helena”. So she sent it to me and I thought it would be a really good idea to do. I got in touch with her immediately and then we were off.
MG: How did you transform yourself into Bob for “Chained”?
VDO: It is all about telling the story correctly. You have to figure out a way to get away with the character that you are not going to overshadow the story but at the same time do it right. I brought this speech impediment into it to give notice that something is wrong with this guy and he has a past. His posture and that sort of stuff is in the story and is scripted well and a lot of that helps the character along. Mainly my job was to bring in this guy that can get away doing these horrific things.
MG:You have taken on so many unique character roles from “Men in Black” to “The Cell” to “Full MetalJacket”; do you always aim for the most challenging roles or does it just end up working out for you?
VDO: I think it is a little bit of both. I worked on TV for almost ten years and it is nice to get back into playing different types of characters. I think that when you are a character actor you some great opportunities like the antagonist. I really enjoy it. If you pick the right ones, you can get lucky. I always look for a challenge and always try to pick different roles. I think sometimes I get asked and then sometimes I go after parts like that because I find them interesting.
MG:What do you enjoy most about working in the horror genre?
VDO: I love it. I just really do. It is a really fun genre to work in. I directed the horror film “Don’t Go in the Woods” and that was fun in one way and “Chained” was fun in another way. “Chained” is a very character driven piece and “Don’t Go in the Woods” is basically a horror/slasher musical. The idea of living in that world of horror, there is a lot that can be done creatively to make it different than something you have seen before. That is best thing about good horror films and why I watch them. The bad ones – the ones that are not as entertaining are the ones you’ve seen over and over. The ones that are the coolest are brand new and finds a way to re-tell the horror. Those are fun to watch.
MG:You are also working again with Jennifer Lynch on “A Fall From Grace” & “The Monster Next Door”; how those come about?
VDO: “A Fall From Grace” is definitely happening. I am will be working on that with her soon, once she gets the financing ready. So yeah, once she is ready…I am good to go.
MG:Tell us about your role in “Sinister”?
VDO: That is basically Ethan Hawke’s film. He is a good friend of mine. They asked me to cover over a help out with a character. I only worked on it for a couple of hours. I am only in the film a little bit as a favor but it is suppose to be really intense. The testing is amazing. I am looking forward to seeing it.
MG:I am a big fan of “Don’t Go in the Woods”, you plan on directing again soon?
VDO: Yeah I am doing to do it again. It is going to be completely different from that film. It is going to have to be something that I am committed to give a couple of years to. The next one will hopefully be a little bit bigger of a budget. We did “Woods” for only 100K and shot it in 12 days. So not too much bigger but I am working on this other thing currently. So keep an eye out.

'Chained' and Vincent D'Onofrio win at Sitges International Film Festival!



'Chained' wins Jury Prize for Feature Film and Vincent D'Onofrio wins Best Actor at Stiges! Congrats...

The Franco-German Holy Motors film, director Léos Carax, has been the big winner of the Sitges International Film Festival and has won the awards for best film, best direction, the José Luis Guarner award of critique and the Méliès D’Argent for the best European film.
The festival has also wanted to highlight the quality of Chained, Jennifer Lynch, who has received the special prize of the jury.
Also the best female performance prize has gone to Alice Lowe by “Sightseers” and the award for best male performance has been to Vincent D’Onofrio “Chained”.

Watch Kathryn Erbe reprise Det. Eames this Wednesday

She's back on Wednesday! "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" star Kathryn Erbe is making her return to "L&O," this time on "Special Victims Unit." Erbe played Det. Alex Eames for 10 seasons of "CI," and next week she's reprising her role in the new episode of "SVU" entitled "Acceptable Loss."

Since "CI" ended, Eames has moved on from the Major Case Squad to become a lieutenant with the City/Federal Homeland Security Task Force. It is in her new role that she crosses paths with SVU. While the gang works (with Capt. Cragen as their boss again!) to bust a sex trafficking ring involving young women, they come across evidence tied to a terrorism case Eames is leading.

Just as SVU is about to crack the case, Eames -- worrying that the squad might compromise her case -- sweeps in and shuts down the investigation of Benson, Munch, Fin, Amaro and Rollins. Watch our exclusive sneak peek of Eames back in action briefing the SVU squad on the case: 

But as fans of "SVU" know full well, Det. Benson isn't one to back down just because a superior says to.

"Law & Order: SVU" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.  Also, check out Weekend TODAY this Sunday for an appearance by Erbe!

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'Homefront' with Vincent D'Onofrio calling on extras


John Schaech tweets new film to start filming tomorrow with Vincent D'Onofrio...


Johnathon Schaech @JohnSchaech
Start shooting new film with Vincent D'Onofrio tomorrow. Should be fun, details to come...

I tweeted him back and asked if it could be 'Homefront', 'A Fall From Grace' or 'Supreme Ruler' and he sent me a Direct Message.  To those who don't have Twitter or know, that's a private message that others can't view.  I follow him but he doesn't follow me so I couldn't answer him back in the Direct Message mode.  All he sent was a heart symbol followed by a smiley symbol then another heart symbol.  So I tweeted him publicly and called him a tease, LOL.  I will be waiting to hear the details and will post when I find out.  According to his Facebook page he is currently in England.

Ethan Hawke and Vincent D'Onofrio team up for Brecht's 'Baal'

Saw this blip in a recent interview with Ethan Hawke.  Looks like Vincent will be involved with another play.  Odd since it was just done in July of this year in Brooklyn.  Click here

N: So you’re directing a documentary right now, is that right?

EH: I’ve got one I’m working on; I’ll probably work on it for a couple of years. The next thing I’m directing is an adaptation of Brecht’s first play Baal that I’m going to do in New York this winter with Vincent D’Onofrio.
N: As a movie or a play?
EH: As a play.


Baal was the first full-length play written by the German modernist playwright Bertolt Brecht. It concerns a wastrel youth who becomes involved in several sexual affairs and at least one murder. It was written in 1918, when Brecht was a 20-year-old student atMunich University, in response to the expressionist drama The Loner (Der Einsame) by the soon-to-become-Nazi dramatist Hanns Johst.

The play is written in a form of heightened prose and includes four songs and an introductory choral hymn ("Hymn of Baal the Great"), set to melodies composed by Brecht himself. Brecht wrote it prior to developing the dramaturgical techniques of epic theatre that characterize his later work, although he did re-work the play in 1926.
  • Baal - poet
  • Mech - merchant and publisher
  • Emilie - Mech's wife
  • Dr. Piller - critic
  • Johannes Schmidt
  • Pschierer - director of the water rates
  • A Young Man
  • A Young Woman
  • Johanna
  • Ekart
  • Luise - a waitress

Keeping up on Katie...


This is part of an interview with Warren Leight regarding the 14TH season of  'SVU' and just about Katie.  I have to say I don't agree with his comment about CI fans not watching SVU because I like both shows.  Katie's appearance in 'Acceptable Loss' is scheduled for October 17TH.  

You're bringing Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Kathryn Erbe to your squad room this season. How did that happen?
 I did Criminal Intent for seven years. One of the things that's strange is SVU fans watch Law & Order and Criminal Intent fans watch Law & Order, but Criminal Intent fans do not watch SVU. There's not as much crossover between those shows as you might guess. And now that there's only one show left, I'd like to bring those fans together. When we started to plot the fourth episode, we needed a Homeland Security agent. I didn't want to just keep throwing new people into this mix, and our casting director said "What about your old friend Katie?" We were all like, "That's it. We're done."

So what is her role exactly?
 Once Katie said yes, we retooled the script a bit. The backstory is she worked the Major Case Unit for over a decade. Her partner left and she was looking for something new. She's on loan to Homeland Security on a joint terrorism task force, which is high stakes and her character can handle that. It was great to have scenes between Katie and Mariska. These are two women who had long-term partnerships with difficult guys. These are two people who've been underestimated - who've worked just as hard, just as long -and people don't quite get how good they are.

Is this a one-time thing, or will we see more of her?Leight: She'll come back. I don't know exactly when, but she'll be coming back. Katie is so believable as an NYPD cop. The notion of bringing in someone new when she was just sitting there seems crazy to me. She's tough and she can be funny, but don't mess with her.

This coming Friday, Katie returns to the stage portraying Pat Nixon in the play 'Checkers'



In the spotlight: Richard and Pat Nixon, shortly before he became the 36th Vice President of the United States. Anthony LaPaglia and Kathryn Erbe star.

The focus: Douglas McGrath, who wrote screenplays for “Emma” and “Infamous,” flashes back to 1952 as Nixon is campaigning as his party’s candidate for veep. After an accusation of financial impropriety puts his place on the Republican ticket in doubt, he flies to Los Angeles and gives a TV address that changes his fate. The appearance also immortalizes the Nixons’ black-and-white pooch.
This offering joins “Frost/Nixon” in a growing canon of dramas about Nixon and media moments.
Runs Oct. 12-Nov. 18 at the Vineyard Theatre.
'Mother's House' is now available on Amazon for rent or to buy...

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Bit of info on 'The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman'

Took me a couple go rounds to find out much about this movie and I found this information that actually lists Vincent and his character. I had previously posted that he was being considered and it looks as if he was a late addition. Completely under the radar on this. From what else I read, this is the movie where Shia Labeouf actually took acid in order to enhance his character.  Whether that's true or not, I don't know and maybe seeing the film will tell the tale.  Click here  It's slated to be released next year and I will update any further details when and if they become available.  For those who are on Facebook, there is a new page for this film although there is not much on it right now.  Click here  And, recently I posted an interview just below a few posts in which Vincent actually says he was in the film.  From the horse's mouth.


Brief Synopsis

Charlie Countryman is a normal guy with an abnormal problem--he's in love with a woman who might get him killed.

Cast & Crew

Fredrik BondDirector
Shia LabeoufCharlie Countryman
Evan Rachel WoodGabi Banyai
Roman VasyanovDirector Of Photography
Matt DrakeScreenwriter
Albert BergerProducer
Ron YerxaProducer
Nicolas ChartierExecutive Producer
Patrick NewallExecutive Producer
Jennifer JohnsonCostume Designer
Joel CollinsProduction Designer
Daniel HubbardCasting Director
John HubbardCasting Director
Bona Fide ProductionsProduction Company
Voltage PicturesProduction Company
Voltage PicturesDistribution Sales (Foreign)
Belga FilmsForeign Theatrical Distributor
Voltage PicturesFilm Financier

I found this better synopsis on the TCM site and has more details.

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman is a romance set in Eastern Europe. Shia LaBeouf stars as a young man who takes a trip to Budapest after his mother dies of cancer. While on a train, his elderly neighbor also dies, but not before entrusting the young man with a gift for his daughter. The young man finds her and falls in love. However, she has a violent past which further complicates matters. Fredrik Bond directs from a script written by Matt Drake.