Monday, October 8, 2012

Bit of info on 'The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman'

Took me a couple go rounds to find out much about this movie and I found this information that actually lists Vincent and his character. I had previously posted that he was being considered and it looks as if he was a late addition. Completely under the radar on this. From what else I read, this is the movie where Shia Labeouf actually took acid in order to enhance his character.  Whether that's true or not, I don't know and maybe seeing the film will tell the tale.  Click here  It's slated to be released next year and I will update any further details when and if they become available.  For those who are on Facebook, there is a new page for this film although there is not much on it right now.  Click here  And, recently I posted an interview just below a few posts in which Vincent actually says he was in the film.  From the horse's mouth.


Brief Synopsis

Charlie Countryman is a normal guy with an abnormal problem--he's in love with a woman who might get him killed.

Cast & Crew

Fredrik BondDirector
Shia LabeoufCharlie Countryman
Evan Rachel WoodGabi Banyai
Roman VasyanovDirector Of Photography
Matt DrakeScreenwriter
Albert BergerProducer
Ron YerxaProducer
Nicolas ChartierExecutive Producer
Patrick NewallExecutive Producer
Jennifer JohnsonCostume Designer
Joel CollinsProduction Designer
Daniel HubbardCasting Director
John HubbardCasting Director
Bona Fide ProductionsProduction Company
Voltage PicturesProduction Company
Voltage PicturesDistribution Sales (Foreign)
Belga FilmsForeign Theatrical Distributor
Voltage PicturesFilm Financier

I found this better synopsis on the TCM site and has more details.

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman is a romance set in Eastern Europe. Shia LaBeouf stars as a young man who takes a trip to Budapest after his mother dies of cancer. While on a train, his elderly neighbor also dies, but not before entrusting the young man with a gift for his daughter. The young man finds her and falls in love. However, she has a violent past which further complicates matters. Fredrik Bond directs from a script written by Matt Drake.


JoJo said...

So Shia took acid during filming or prior to?? What an odd process.

vikeau said...

He's young and he sees himself a rebel and uber-actor. Somewhere in the relm of Marlon Brando method actor. Nantz I do remember you posting about this film in the spring. I remeber because the description of it sounded really odd. I'm thinking he probably doesn't have a big role.

Nantz said...

From what I understand from the news is that he took the acid during the filming to enhance his character portrayal. vikeau, not sure of his role because the info is scant at best. Very frustrating.

vikeau said...

I'm guessing VDO has a small role because this film was so under the radar. Besides such a sketchy description rarely bodes well for a movie.