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Vincent D'Onofrio, Star of The Cell Chat Transcript 2000

Vincent D'Onofrio, Star of The Cell Chat Transcript Copyright SciFi.Com 2000

Moderator: Vincent -- can you type?

VincentDonofrio: Yep

Moderator: Cool!

Moderator: Hi, everybody. I'm your moderator Patrizia DiLucchio, and I'd like to welcome you all to another chat on SCIFI. Tonight we're pleased to have our special guest actor Vincent D'Onofrio whose new film the scifi, horror, fantasy, serial killer thriller from New Line Cinema, THE CELL opens in wide release this week.

Moderator: Critic Roger Ebert says that Mr D'Onofrio is "a substantial screen presence; he seems to block more of the sun than most actors, and has to be dealt with. You can't simply dismiss him with plot details."

Moderator: Mr D'Onofrio was born in Brooklyn, and raised in Hawaii, Colorado, and Florida. He broke into the theater world in 1984 on Broadway in Open Admissions, then stunned movie audiences in 1987 in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. A year later he was playing opposite Lilli Taylor and Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza. Since then he has starred in or some might suggest "stolen" more than twenty other films.

Moderator: Mr. D'Onofrio is no stranger to fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Some of his previous films include THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR, MEN IN BLACK, STRANGE DAYS, ED WOOD and the Robert E. Howard biography THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.


Moderator: : My question: what was it in the script for The Cell that attracted D'Onofrio ito it?

VincentDonofrio: Actually, it wasn't the script

VincentDonofrio: The script read like just another serial killer movie

VincentDonofrio: Then I met the Director...

VincentDonofrio: His vision and his education on film and art changed my mind about it

VincentDonofrio: They way he talked me through each scene before we filmed sold me on it

VincentDonofrio: GA (MEANS 'GO AHEAD')

Moderator: Can you expound on his vision a bit more fully?

Moderator: (We did a chat with Tarsem just a little bit earlier this evening -- check it out everyone, when the transcript is posted!)

VincentDonofrio: He had a distinct idea about how to take what was on the page and make it genuinely unique

VincentDonofrio: He studied art

VincentDonofrio: he thinks alot about light and composition

VincentDonofrio: His ideas are amazing

VincentDonofrio: He thought of the film as a blank canvas

VincentDonofrio: because nobody has explored literally going inside a mind visually

VincentDonofrio: He used that canvas for his ideas

VincentDonofrio: GA

VincentDonofrio: Did you get that?

Moderator: : what do you think seperates "The Cell" from other movies of its kind?

Moderator: (I did, thanks!)

VincentDonofrio: I think the exploration of the psychology of a killer can be portrayed in novels and in film in any certain way the creator of the work wants to

VincentDonofrio: Our version of the same

VincentDonofrio: is unique in our way

VincentDonofrio: The idea of meeting the self images of the supposed killer

VincentDonofrio: these images that representy psychotic behavior

VincentDonofrio: I think is uniqie, or close to it

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: Your very first role was in a Stanley Kubrick film. Kubrick's another director who thought a lot about light and composition. Is there a unique collaboration that goes on for an actor when he or she works with a director of this caliber?

Moderator: A reminder: we're chatting with actor Vincent D'Onofrio, star of the The Cell, opening in wide release from New Line Cinema this week. This is a moderated chat. Please send your questions for our guest to me, Moderator, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

VincentDonofrio: Good question

VincentDonofrio: These types of directors, to me, are the true fim makers

VincentDonofrio: It's a reminder as to why they call it film

VincentDonofrio: These kinds of directors as far as performance, or as far as the performance of their actors

VincentDonofrio: do the real work in casting

VincentDonofrio: And they want to be surprised by what the actor brings to it

VincentDonofrio: This gives us as actors complete freeedom to create

VincentDonofrio: and have some real fun with a character

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : From what we can tell you take on alot of costumes and forms. What did u feel about the costumes?


VincentDonofrio: I remember walking into the costume designers office

VincentDonofrio: Her name was Eiko

VincentDonofrio: I remember seeing pictures, drawings she had made of each of the looks that take place in the killer's mind

VincentDonofrio: the self-images

VincentDonofrio: I was floored by it

VincentDonofrio: It helps you so much as an actor

VincentDonofrio: to collaborate with other artists

VincentDonofrio: especially oens of such talent

VincentDonofrio: A costume is so important

VincentDonofrio: From a hat

VincentDonofrio: to a pair of jeans

VincentDonofrio: or shoes

VincentDonofrio: Or all the way to the exteremes you'll see in The Cell

VincentDonofrio: It immediately makes you ghet closer to your goal

VincentDonofrio: It's a helping hand in the task ahead of you -- bringing the character alive

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : What was it like working with Jennifer Lopez on the set?

VincentDonofrio: She was fantastic

VincentDonofrio: We never had any discussions about character

VincentDonofrio: I wanted her to be completely surprised and sort of wary of what I might do in each scene

VincentDonofrio: She's so good

VincentDonofrio: She went with everything I threw at her

VincentDonofrio: And I think she lavished in it

VincentDonofrio: Not to mention ...She is a lovely woman

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : I love movies with alot of visuals...be it action or costume/makeup. Do the visuals that are seen in the trailers dominate throughout the movie?....Also, have you seen the movie in it's entirety and how does it compare to a classic sci-fi flick

Moderator: A reminder: we're chatting with actor Vincent D'Onofrio, star of the The Cell, opening in wide release from New Line Cinema this week. This is a moderated chat. Please send your questions for our guest to me, Moderator, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

VincentDonofrio: It's more of a classic thriller/science fiction film I think

VincentDonofrio: The real mind boggling visuals begin when Jennifer enters the mind of the killer...and then they don't stop

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : If you had the chance to go inside someone's mind, would you, and if so, who's?

VincentDonofrio: I would like to figure myself out first

VincentDonofrio: If I could go into my own mind

VincentDonofrio: and sort my life out so that I can be good, and prosperous

VincentDonofrio: and healthy minded

VincentDonofrio: I'd do that first

VincentDonofrio: And then if I wanted to go to sleep

VincentDonofrio: I'd go into George W Bush's mind

Moderator: Heh!

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : I've heard a few people compare The Cell to The Matrix in that it seems to defy the standard for its genre in both story and visual effects... would you agree with that comparison?

VincentDonofrio: I think the two films can only be compared in that they both share unique visions from their directors

VincentDonofrio: The stories, the genres, they're differnt

VincentDonofrio: But the creative minds telling the stories are neck in neck

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : A lot of the characters you have played in your career have been a bit...let's say, ECCENTRIC. Do you see any bits of yourself in, say, Private Pyle or Carl?

VincentDonofrio: A big NO

VincentDonofrio: I'm an actor

VincentDonofrio: I act

VincentDonofrio: .

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: You get cast a lot as the heavy, though. Ever long to do a Disney dog-meets-kid flick?

VincentDonofrio: LMAO

VincentDonofrio: I guess maybe at some point in my career

VincentDonofrio: LMAO Not too soon I hope

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: My Dog Skip is crying his heart out...

Moderator: : How did you prepare yourself for this movie? Did you do research on serial killers? Did you talk with any serial killers?

VincentDonofrio: I did extensive research

VincentDonofrio: mainly in the psychology of these type of people

VincentDonofrio: I exposed myself to things that I can't repeat

VincentDonofrio: There are things that I saw, that I heard over audio tapes

VincentDonofrio: that I would never discuss

VincentDonofrio: I did a lot of reading

VincentDonofrio: Case studies

VincentDonofrio: of how a moral foundation of a person is built from childhood to an adult

VincentDonofrio: a very gruesome and extensive couple of months

VincentDonofrio: nightmarish

VincentDonofrio: not fun

VincentDonofrio: But worth it when the camera was rolling

VincentDonofrio: I'm glad it's over

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: A reminder: we're chatting with actor Vincent D'Onofrio, star of the The Cell, opening in wide release from New Line Cinema this week. This is a moderated chat. Please send your questions for our guest to me, Moderator, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

Moderator: Speaking of that child-to-adult transition...

Moderator: : I live in colorado and also want to be an actor.my question is as a child who inspired you to become and actor and why ?

VincentDonofrio: My father used to take me to the theater to see plays

VincentDonofrio: He used to work in community theater in his spare time

VincentDonofrio: On the day I received First Holy Communion I went to the theater and sat in the lighting booth and watched Steetcar Named Desire

VincentDonofrio: The audience was so moved by the actors and story

VincentDonofrio: That's what did it for me

VincentDonofrio: I saw the magic

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : If there was one film role from your past that you could perform again, what would it be and why?

VincentDonofrio: I'd like to go back to most of them

VincentDonofrio: There's one thing I've learned as an actor

VincentDonofrio: Having met so many types of artists

VincentDonofrio: poets

VincentDonofrio: writers

VincentDonofrio: directors

VincentDonofrio: musicians

VincentDonofrio: none of us are ever satisfied

VincentDonofrio: especially when we look back

VincentDonofrio: We always want to change everything and do it again

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : what was it like playing the bug in Men In Black?

VincentDonofrio: It was a lot of fun

VincentDonofrio: Barry the director

VincentDonofrio: put a lot of trust in me

VincentDonofrio: the character you see in the movie was not on the page

VincentDonofrio: and he let me cr4eate this distinct bug guy

VincentDonofrio: the makeup was painful

VincentDonofrio: but when the camera was rolling I had a blast

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : You've done a lot of work in Sci-Fi...were your a big sci-fi fan when you were younger? Are you now?

VincentDonofrio: I am a science fiction fan.

VincentDonofrio: But having said that

VincentDonofrio: they way I pick my work is from story

VincentDonofrio: If I like the story

VincentDonofrio: the genre isn't important

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : Who do you think will enjoy, "The Cell"? Is there a particular target audience to the film?

VincentDonofrio: I think that people who like horror films with intelligence

VincentDonofrio: People who like SF with intelligence

VincentDonofrio: And mostly people who like very visual movie

VincentDonofrio: Of course any movie viewer likes to be entertained will be entertained in a creepy sort of way

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: : I've heard that a lot of bloopers took place on the set of the film (the entrail harp incident comes springing to mind). What do you think is the funniest or most amazing thing that happened on the set of the film that ended up on the cutting room floor?

VincentDonofrio: Well, there's a horrific scene in the movie

VincentDonofrio: where my character

VincentDonofrio: has blaeched a dead body of a woman and I am suspended over that body by chains hooked to my skin

VincentDonofrio: That scene was much more graphic before it was cut down

VincentDonofrio: It was literally one of the most graphic scenes I've ever been involved in

VincentDonofrio: It's a pale glimmer of itself

VincentDonofrio: You can hardly tell what's happening

VincentDonofrio: If it was up to me it would have stayed as it was originally shot and cut

VincentDonofrio: You wouldn't have been able to look at the screen... You would have turned away

VincentDonofrio: I can't remember teh last time I had to turn away from a screen

VincentDonofrio: This would have been one of those times

VincentDonofrio: GA

Moderator: Final question for the night -- and Vincent, thanks so much for coming online with us tonight.

Moderator: : Is there a particular person actor, director that you would love to work with?

VincentDonofrio: Yes

VincentDonofrio: But there are so many

VincentDonofrio: Sam Raimi

VincentDonofrio: Scorcese

VincentDonofrio: Woody Allen

VincentDonofrio: Brian Singer

VincentDonofrio: the list goes on and on

VincentDonofrio: We have so many good film makers in the US right now

VincentDonofrio: We suffered through so much dreck in the 80's

VincentDonofrio: but now we're back up there

VincentDonofrio: Our standards get better

VincentDonofrio: In time I hope top work with those types of directors

VincentDonofrio: We'll see

VincentDonofrio: They have to ask me first

VincentDonofrio: !Thanks for having me

Moderator: Vincent, thanks so much for joining us. New Line Cinema's THE CELL opens this Friday at a theater near you, everyone. Go see it. And thanks for being such a great audience with such great questions. There will be a transcript of this chat and it should be posted soon -- in the usual place. Let's go UNmoderated now.

VincentDonofrio: Good night


Rose said...

On the day of my First Holy Communion I went and watched Streetcar Named Desire. LOL and the other day while looking through some old stuff, I found all my First Communion stuff, and just got my picture taken with family and friends, and had no fun like Vincent did. How funny

Ruby said...

Awesome interview! Thanks, Nantz!!

vikeau said...

Oaky the GA was not making sense until I realized this was an internet interactive format. My how far we have come in 12 short years now we just Tweet.

PS have you read the Esquire article? I think its from 2002 or 2003. I tell you it reads like anyone of us could have written it.(ie, enthusiastic fan) I thought I had it bookmarked but can't find it.

JoJo said...

Great transcript....but I still can't watch the movie. lol

Nantz said...

JoJo, you have to see this movie. The cinematography alone is worth the watch. How are you going to be able to watch 'Chained'?