Saturday, May 11, 2013

Be an extra in 'The Judge' with Vincent D'Onofrio!

SHELBURNE FALLS — Wanna’ be an extra in “The Judge”?

Boston Casting Inc. will hold an open casting call for Shelburne Falls area residents for scenes that are to be shot for the movie this summer.

The casting call will be held next Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Buckland Town Hall, at 17 State St.

The audition is open to residents 18 years old and older, and the casting company is looking for all types of people, but asks that no children be brought to this audition.

“We will be filling in with people in the background,” explained Greg Bull, an extras casting director with Boston Casting. “We will want people in the background, walking on the streets or being in the shops — regular people doing what they’re doing.”

“We start filming June 3,” he said. “We’ll be filming Monday through Friday, about 12 to 14 days in Shelburne Falls.”

He said a casting call will also be held in Boston on May 18, and that the reason for holding both on the same date is so that the local casting call will be mostly for local people.

“It’s your town, and we’re guests, and want you guys to be involved,” he said. “It’s also a chance for us to meet the local people.”

Boston Casting asks those auditioning to bring photos of themselves to the audition. If you don’t have printed photos of yourself, an electronic image could be emailed to Boston Casting, said Bull.

Boston Casting is also looking for cars and pickup trucks for film scenes, with models from the 1980s up through 2000. Those who have a vehicle for consideration are asked to provide a clear photo of it.

Boston Casting is a 22-year-old company that has cast principal actors and extras for several movies, including “Labor Day,” which was partially filmed in Shelburne Falls last summer.

The latest Warner Bros. movie, “The Judge,” will star Robert Downey Jr. It is a drama about a successful lawyer (Downey) who comes home for his mother’s funeral and learns that his estranged father is a murder suspect. The all-star cast is to include Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Leighton Meester and Vincent d’Onofrio.


JoJo said...

If I was in better shape I'd audition but the camera adds 10 lbs, and like Chandler said to Monica in 'friends', 'How many cameras were ON you?" lol

Nantz said...

You should go...I was willing to have my big moon head in 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'