Friday, February 1, 2013

Update on 'American Falls'...

Hello Supporters,

The making of "American Falls" has been both the most rewarding and frustrating experiences I've had to date. I think this project has prepared me for what it will be like when it comes to doing a feature which director's always comment on how it takes up two years of their lives from prep to finish film on the screen.

I am glad to write that the film itself is going to be a fantastic. I am excited to show it to our cast, crew and supporters on the big screen. Like most filmmakers I want immediate gratification when it comes to doing my art and it was my hope to have finished "American Falls" sooner but unfortunately we had a few set backs over the last year and a half. I've have had to learn to be patient and be persistent in seeing "American Falls" through to completion. I am glad to announce that the hardest part is behind us and we are looking forward to finishing the last of post-production (i.e. sound design, coloring and music) that will make the film really stand out when we show it to audiences. I hope to reward your patience with a film that everyone can be proud of. 

The film will be completed in early March.

I will be posting another update on when and where we will premiering the film as well as what film festivals we get accepted to so that you can attend and watch it in the cinema.

Best Regards,
Bé Garrett
Director, American Falls


vikeau said...

Good news indeed!!!

Nantz said...

I was glad to hear something about this film, vikeau. I've been wondering if it was ever going to get some exposure so it is good news.