Wednesday, August 15, 2012

'Heroes Behind The Badge'

I received this nice email from one of the producers of 'Heroes Behind The Badge' and here is a teaser trailer of what is to come..

Sent: August 13, 2012 11:08 PM
Subject: Vincent and Heroes Project

Hello, just wanted to thank you for supporting Vincent D’Onofrio and Heroes Behind The Badge! It’s great to see that you have a link to our pre-order page at the top of your page too!
I am a producer for the film and we are very excited to have him on board with this powerful and moving documentary film. In case you haven’t seen it, please check out our trailer here:
Thanks for your support!
-Drew Goldsack
Heroes Behind The Badge
Modern City Entertainment
Published on Jun 11, 2012 by HeroesBehindTheBadge 

Heroes Behind The Badge is a new documentary film honoring the brave men and women of Law Enforcement. You can help support these heroes and this film project by clicking 'like' on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/heroesbehindthebadge and by following us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/heroesbtb. If you'd like to be put on the pre-order list for the film, please visit the NLEOMF page: http://www.nleomf.org/officers/heroes-behind-the-badge/ Thank You! 

A documentary film featuring some of the brave men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line and survived, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This inspiring documentary will change the way we look at the men and women of law enforcement and highlight the unselfish acts of bravery they commit each day in the line of duty. 50% of all proceeds from the film will go to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. 

To be released fall 2012.

We're excited to announce that Emmy® Award-nominated actor, and star of Law & Order, Vincent D’Onofrio has signed on to narrate Heroes Behind The Badge!

D’Onofrio, (pictured second from right) poses with the Executive Director of the Police Unity Tour, Harry Phillips, (right) Craig Floyd, (left) Chairman and CEO of NLEOMF and Officer Ryan Williams of Fond du Lac, WI. PD, (second from left) as he receives the Officer of the Month award. Officer Williams' heroic story will be featured in our upcoming documentary film.

Washington, DC — The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and Modern City Entertainment are pleased to announce that Emmy® Award-nominated feature-film actor and National Law Enforcement Museum National Spokesperson, Vincent D’Onofrio, has signed on to narrate Heroes Behind the Badge, a moving and gripping documentary about the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers serving across America.

Directed by two-time British Academy Award winner Wayne Derrick and set for release in fall 2012, Heroes Behind the Badge aims to change the way the public perceives the men and women of law enforcement. The film will highlight some of the unselfish acts of bravery law enforcement professionals commit each day in the line of duty.

Though many are familiar with Vincent D’Onofrio’s work as an actor, they might not know about his dedication to the law enforcement community and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. His work with Heroes Behind the Badge joins a long list of ways D’Onofrio has continually shown his support for law enforcement.

“We are thrilled to have Vincent D’Onofrio working with us,” said Heroes Behind the Badge Director Wayne Derrick. “I could not think of a more fitting person to narrate this inspiring film,” he said. Filmed throughout the U.S., Heroes Behind the Badge will highlight the lives of four fallen officers and the enormous impact their passing has had on their family members, colleagues, and community. The film will also feature the stories of three officers who narrowly escaped their assailants. These living legends will share their personal insights about how their near-fatal encounters have affected their lives. Produced in partnership with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, Heroes Behind the Badge will also highlight the National Police Week events held in Washington, DC, including the annual May 13th Candlelight Vigil—where the names of fallen officers added to the Memorial each year are read aloud and formally dedicated—and the annual National Peace Officers Memorial Day service held at the U.S. Capitol on May 15. “Vincent D’Onofrio has been a long-time supporter and friend of law enforcement,” said Craig W. Floyd, Chairman & CEO of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. “He is an excellent addition to Heroes Behind the Badge and we are privileged to work with him on this project,” Mr. Floyd added.


vikeau said...

Really cool that you were contacted and recognized for your support. Sweeet!

Nantz said...

Really nice that he took the time to email people to thank them. Old school just saying 'thank you' goes a long way and means so much.

Rose said...

Indeed, and a great cause, it seems at least once a week you hear about police officers being shot, and sometimes I think people tend to take them for granted.

Nantz said...

Just yesterday and now today more officers shot and killed. Assault rifles...can we address this problem or do we keep letting people get gunned down?

Rose said...

I'm afraid people will keep getting gunned down, another topic that politicians are afraid to address, so not to lose votes. It's despicable to me....

Nantz said...

Touchy subject that a lot of people don't want to talk about. On one hand you have the responsible people who take own guns for a specific reason ie personal safety, hunting, etc. Then you have the loose cannons who want only to do harm. Bottom line, it's more an issue of mental illness and the need to get some people help.