Saturday, August 25, 2012

''Greta Scacchi: Madam Chair''



The famous actress Italian-English account preside over the jury of the film festival in the world in a democratic way, even putting aside his own feelings if necessary.
Greta Scacchi had just submit his luggage when we met. Its presence in the Montreal World Film Festival (WFF) him back to his memory the previous stays in the metropolitan area.
"I've never had the opportunity to accompany a film film festival in the world, but I turned to you in part two features that are very expensive," she says, insisting speak French, a language she mastered very well. " Salt on Our Skin ( vessels of the heart ), Andrew Birkin, is linked to an intimate part of my life since my playing partner, Vincent D'Onofrio, is also the father of my daughter. This is also the third day of the shoot I learned that I was pregnant. Our daughter is 20 years old now. And she studied drama! Later, there was The Red Violin, a meeting with Fran├žois Girard beautiful. "
Born in Italy to an English mother and an Italian father, Greta Scacchi has lived in Australia as a teenager. "I feel as Australian than Italian and English, she said. I travel with an Italian passport and Australian! "
Revealed in the early 80s with Heat and Dust ( Heat and Dust ) by James Ivory, the actress quickly found among the most requested comedians on the international level. Mischief White (Michael Radford), A man in love ( Diane Kurys), Good Morning, Babylon(Paolo and Vittorio Taviani), Presumed Innocent (Alan J. Pakula)Jefferson in Paris (James Ivory), The Player (Robert Altman) is required from the flagship titles filmography very rich.
"In hindsight, I think I probably found my biggest film role with James Ivory and Heat and Dust , she says. I've had other great roles later, but I've never had the opportunity to play another character as rich as this one. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala is a writer exception. I've never been separated from her novel during the filming. "
Residing mainly in the English countryside, the actress will take advantage of his stay at the WFF to full international productions, which are often sentenced to a diffusion confidential.
"To see some, I have to go to London, she says. Even then, they are not showing very long.Holding a festival is a great opportunity to remember that artistic success is measured not only at the box office. "
The Presidency, a surprise
The FFM, Greta Scacchi account its role in a democratic president.
"I am honored by the privilege given to me. I also was surprised that the presidency gives me.Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be a member of several juries. The experience always proves rewarding. It is interesting how the allegiances are made and unmade. In 1996, I was fortunate to be a member of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival and I developed an immediate complicity with Atom Egoyan, who was also part. We were inseparable. Then, on the fourth day, a film on which we were not at all agree separated us! Not everything is black and white when it comes to a work of art. This is what fascinates me. "
Thus, the actress will take to model Francis Coppola, the same one who presided over the jury at Cannes in 1996. "Francis took into account all opinions, even those members who supported a film he hated. He respected the choices of others. Believe me, it does not always happen like that! "
The Red Violin Fran├žois Girard is presented under the stars next Wednesday at 20:30.


JoJo said...

She's still not over him is she? Always always brings it up. Not hatin' on her, just sayin'.

vikeau said...

Do you think that you could ever get over Vincent? In some ways I just can't blame her.

Nantz said...

I thought it was cool that she got such a position being that she's a woman.

Anonymous said...

He IS the father of her only child, and as I heard it, she was very much in love with him(surprise, surprise-duh), and was devastated when he left her.

I read that she couldn't work- had a nervous breakdown of sorts...maybe she never DID quite get over him.

He was sooo gorgeous! And still is...

Nantz said...

Don't mean to correct you but actually Greta does have another child. I agree with you that they both enjoyed a great love affair and maybe it was the wrong timing for them. Vincent had left America to pursue filming opportunities in other parts of the world and how he met Greta. After some time he decided to go back to America and continue his career there and unfortunately also left Greta. I'm sure she felt slighted but the important thing is that he has concentrated on his relationship with his daughter. Vincent and Greta have both moved on now.

Anonymous said...

Nantz, you are quite right...Greta also has a son. So disregard the "only" from my comment please.
My memory just aint what it used to be...

Nantz said...

That's OK, I think it gets tamped down because of the circumstances of the relationship with her first cousin and having a child by him.