Tuesday, August 7, 2012

''CHAINED (2012) movie review''



Not exactly a favorable review...but I am an equal opportunity poster and believe everyone has the right to their opinions.

Chained (2012)
(1st viewing)
d. Lynch, Jennifer (USA)

One shouldn’t even attempt to view this tale of a taxi driving serial killer (Vincent D’Onofrio, looking primed to reprise his Private Pyle character for Full Metal Jacket II: More Jelly Donuts) who “adopts” the nine-year-old son of his latest victim through a realistic lens. Instead, engage it as a twisted, sinister fairy tale, one that exists in an alternate storybook universe where bad men do bad things, children exist in peril, years flash by as needed, and events occur simply because that’s how the story goes. (To do otherwise proves an exercise in frustration and exhaustion at the amount of disbelief suspension required.)

D’Onofrio’s hulking, mumbling menace is a puzzling construct; one wonders how this lisping, inarticulate, intellectually-emotionally-socially stunted creature has eluded capture for decades. (The venerable actor renders a lived-in performance, to be sure, but one that always feels like a performance.) Likewise, our young abductee’s (played by Evan Bird and Eamon Farren at different stages) character never changes, remaining quietly, defiantly human in the face of inhumanity. Considering how much screen time Lynch gives to flashback sequences of emotional and sexual childhood abuse to justify his captor’s madness, one wonders why “Rabbit,” as he is renamed by D’Onofrio, resists a similar path so clearly laid out for him to follow.

But then again, we wonder about a lot of logistical things as the weeks, months and years drift by – a final climactic twist the biggest head-slapper of all – and I wish that the fairy tale approach had been made clear from the outset.

Just whisper “Once upon a time…” during the opening credits. You’ll thank me later.


Rose said...

And that is exactly why I love your blog. I'm open to other opinions and way of thinking, even though at times I have to bite my lip. All I can say is I have become a fan of Jennifer for her attempt in what she is trying to do in this movie. Her views mirror mine, after reading all the articles you have posted, and those views are generally not popular. So be it, I can't wait to see the movie. Besides why let reviews get in the way of going to see or view a movie, half the time the reviewers make no sense. Find it interesting how different people view things, the more variety the better.

marian kaplan said...

Only a lousy critic/review/writer heaps too much plot on the reader. Good critics take time to review and "think" about how to share without taking the easy route of telling the story.

How clever can he be if the only D'onofrio role he can relate is Pyle....not even close. Should have at least attempted V's other serial killer, Stargher.

He is a disgrace giving away the end......BYTE ME

Debra said...

Full Metal Jacket II: More Jelly Donuts... really? This guy lost all credibility in the first sentence.

A heartfelt "Phhffftt!" (How's that for a review of this review? And I haven't even had my cocktail yet! ;oD)

I'll watch the movie (hopefully on the big screen) and judge for myself.

vikeau said...

I'm not quite sure what the critic means by a "fairy tale" and how reciting "Once upon a time...." will assist with watching this film. At once the critic seems to critize the movie for being too realistic but then again equating it to a fairy tale. I have a sense that this reviewer didn't really "get" the movie. Oh well I'll judge the movies for myself as I'm sure all of you will.

Nantz said...

I don't think the subject of child abuse could ever be rendered a fairy tale and certainly wasn't Jennifer's intentions. I'm with all of you...I'll judge it for myself.