Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Six Degrees of Vincent D'Onofrio"...George Lindsey...


George Lindsey was born on December 17, 1928 in Fairfield, Alabama and is most known for his role as 'Goober' on 'The Andy Griffith Show'. He attended Florence State College where he earned a Bachelor of Bioscience degree and was a high school teacher at Hazel Green High School. George served in the United States Air Force and after being discharged he pursued show business in NYC. His first break was his role of 'Goober' that was originally named 'Goober Beasley' and changed to 'Goober Pyle' as he was the cousin of 'Gomer Pyle'. When 'The Andy Griffith Show' ended, another show emerged entitled 'Mayberry R.F.D.' where he portrayed his same character. That character was also seen on the country music show, 'Hee Haw'. George was active in raising donations for Alabama Special Olympics that were well over one million dollars in 17 years of involvement. Today, George Lindsey passed away at the age of 83 after a brief illness. Find the connection!


Rose said...

I have no idea about the connection, but one of my favorite episodes was when Gomer introduced Goober Pyle to Andy and friends LOL Gomer and Goober have always been two of my favorites on the show, and the spinoffs. RIP Mr Lindsey, you brought a lot of laughs for so many over the years.

JoJo said...

LOVED George Lindsey. My fave thing was when he did the Cary Grant, 'judy judy judy' impression. Loved him on Hee Haw too. So very sad that he passed away. I can't find the connection but I'm sure it's through Ron Howard.

Debra said...

Judy, Judy, Judy... that was so funny!

3-George Lindey was in Take This Job and Shove It with
2-Virgil Frye was in Bob's Night Out (;oD) with
1-Conrad Brooks was in Ed Wood with

Ruby said...

Very sad to lose such a lovely comic character. TAGS was our favorite show growing up in North Carolina, and it has remained our favorite sitcom of all time. Debra, you and I will tie, but I had to give it a try. ;)
3- George Lindsey was in TAGS in an episode with
2- Rob Reiner who was in "Bullets Over Broadway" with
1a- Diane Weist who was in LOCI
1b- Mary-Lousie Parker who was in "Mr. Wonderful"
1c- Tracey Ullman who was in "Household Saints"
0- With Vincent.
RIP Goober. :(

Sandy said...

They just don't make T.V. shows like that anymore! I still love to watch TAGS too, and loved Andy on Matlock. Still watch both of these shows. Goober and Gomer, what a pair!! I enjoyed Goober in Hee Haw and still catch him once in a while on that.

vikeau said...

I still watch TAGS on TV Land. Although I must admit Hee Haw was a little much for me to take. But his portrayal on TAGS was so good and funny that his portrayal has had a lasting effect in that if someone does something stupid there're considered a "Goober".