Tuesday, April 10, 2012

'Vincent D'Onofrio Heads For Mall Joining Joe Hahn's killing spree'

10 April 2012 | Written by Owen Williams | Source: Bloody Disgusting

Last week the news emerged that Vincent D'Onofrio would be heading to jail as the deputy warden of Sylvester Stallone's impregnable prison The Tomb. Before that however, D'Onofrio is taking a detour round a Mall.

The 'dark drama' is being directed by Joe Hahn, who's better known at the moment as Linkin Park's DJ.

The premise is that a group of teenage mallrats have the peace of their emo-moping shattered when a disgruntled former employee of a tuxedo shop goes on a murderous rampage. He was, clearly, one step closer to the edge and about to break.

D'Onofrio's role hasn't been revealed so far. It's doubtful that he's one of the teens, obviously, but we've yet to learn if he's the gunman, or a mall official, or a cop, or a concerned parent, or another shopper caught up in the carnage, or a vigilante who crawls around the air ducts in a dirty vest to save the day. Does that cover all the possibilities? His co-stars currently include Cameron Monaghan, James Frecheville, India Menuez and Michael Kenneth Williams.

Linkin Park are doing the music, natch, and given his little acting sideline (he was in Saw 7 and both Cranks) don't be surprised if Chester Bennington also shows up on-screen. Shooting starts next week in LA.

I think we've already heard that Vincent was going to portray a voyeuristic businessman that watches women try on underwear at J.C. Penney's. However, I did notice that there is no mention of Chelsea Handler in the cast list. Hmmmm, maybe she is too busy roaming Rome with her boyfriend a la togas to be in the film? Also important to mention that the film is based from the book written by Eric Bogosian.  Here are photos I found of the above mentioned.



APRIL 10, 2012

Michael Kenneth Williams has signed on to star in The Collective’s MALL. Based on the Eric Bogosian novel, the film is about five suburbanites who are on a violent collision course with each other at a local mall. Williams will play a character named Michel. Vincent D’Onofrio is also set to star and produce. Cameron Monaghan, James Frecheville, and India Muenez have also joined the cast. Chelsea Handler was previous attached but has since left the project. 

Joe Hahn is directing a script written by D’Onofrio, Joe Vinciguerra, and Sam Bisbee.

Sam Maydew is also producing. Williams, while currently featured in “Boardwalk Empire” and “Community,” is best known for playing Omar on HBO’s “The Wire.”

 He is repped by The Collective and Sekka Scher Management. The Tracking Board Team.


Rose said...

I have to read this book. Since I'm living in another era lol I'm finally getting an Apple Ipod and will download the book whenever I can figure out how to do so. It may take until after the movie is released, but can't wait to read and see the movie.

Rose said...

This is one of the reasons why I love this site so much. I've never googled Eric Bogosian before even though I enjoyed him in CI and the novel Mall has me intrigued. What an interesting and talented man, now I will be reading his books, had no idea what he has all contributed. I now have almost all of Sam Bisbee's music, never heard of him until this site, enjoy his music, and take on life.

vikeau said...

Ditto Rose. Especially Sam Bisbee. I've become a real fan of his. Ruby also turned me on to a local musican that when he plays here in B-more is a must see for me.

However the failure of Chelsa Handler to be mentioned in an earlier post has been answered. Wonder what the problem was and whether it may have been the reason why it took such a long time for this project to get off the ground. Just speculating of course.

JoJo said...

Sounds great!! Eric Bogosian is so versatile and a great writer. Wasn't Michael Kenneth Williams in an episode or two of SVU?

vikeau said...

Micheal K Williams played Omar the really scary cat from the Wire. It took me a minute(several hours really) to recognize the face. Wow.

Ruby said...

Totally agree about Eric and Sam Bisbee! And Vikeau, I'm SO glad you enjoy Tony D. so much! He's terrific, isn't he? He's coming to our venue again in August to perform, and I'm very excited to see him again! Also saw a West Virginia performer, Todd Burge, last week; he's amazing, too!

vikeau said...

Ruby, I'll goggle Todd Burge to see if he'll be in the area any time soon. Thus, far you're batting 100%. ;)

Ruby said...


vikeau said...

As for my peeps here in B-more--they are truly excited by the combo of VDO and Micheal K. Williams. Omar and John Lange. Just a weird Baltimore thing I guess.