Monday, April 16, 2012

Paul Wesley says 'Vincent D'Onofrio is the most interesting person he's worked with'...


Over the weekend, as part of a TVD Addictions convention, Paul Wesley answered questions via Twitter and at the event.  Known for his role in the 'Vampire Diaries', Paul says the most interesting actor he's worked with was Vincent.  Paul was in one of my favorite episodes of CI...'Malignant' as 'Luke Miller'.

Paul notes that he's played a werewolf, angel and vampire. He'll try succubus next. Playing a wolf was easiest for him Paul says playing a vampire is poetic

Paul was complaining about the CW rehashing his past by airing a movie he made 5 years ago The End of the Affair was his favorite TVD ep to film. Hopes to revisit that era.

Loved the scenes with Rebekah & Klaus "I think Stefan should be a fairy"

Fav person to work with on set? Daniel and Matt Davis.

Paul is lobbying to direct an episode of TVD in Season 4

if Stefan & Damon were human for one day what would they do? Reproduce "Stefan and Elena are the core of the series. Their love is infinite."

On Stefan "I think he should stop being so mopey. I love the dark side of the character."

Paul was singing the Jeopardy theme as a kid and his mom chose to put him in acting class

The first time he was asked for an autograph, he thought it was a mistake

Hardest scene to shoot? The bridge scene was really frustrating & the phone call in 3x01

Most interesting person he's worked with as an actor: Vincent D'onofrio


Ruby said...

I would have to agree with this guy!

JoJo said...

I bet he's the most interesting! How fun would it be to sit down w/ him and just shoot the breeze?

Nantz said...

I'd love to pick his brain. He's very intense like me, LOL.