Thursday, April 26, 2012

Body Double needed for Vincent D'Onofrio in 'The Tomb'


Coulon Casting and the film THE TOMB need a body double for Vincent D’Onofrio.

-Valid Drivers License
-Shirt size: 16.5×36
-Jacket: 44L
-Pants: 36/34

*you MUST match these sizes to submit*

Submit your sizes and photo to by email using the subject line:

THE TOMB_Vincent D’Onofrio double Location: New Orleans, LA
Compensation: TBD
Principals only.
Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.


JoJo said...

Russell could almost be a body double for Vincent if he lost a little of his belly. Russ not Vince.

vikeau said...

I'd double up with him. Oh I read that wrong, oops. ;)

Anonymous said...

Vincent is looking really trim in this photo. A double, hmm, Vince Vaughn?

sullie said...

The requirements left out the size 13 shoe! :)

Nantz said...

The first person I thought of was my brother who is off by 1/2 an inch but fits the rest including looking like him. The second person I thought of was Tim Lacjik who was in a couple episodes of CI and was the monster in DGITW so I posted the link on his FB page and he is applying. The photo is from the last episode of CI and what I thought was a good depiction of what they're looking for. Vincent is currently in Louisiana and if he has time will drop in on the Fort Myers Film Festival.

Sandy said...

Sullie, I thought of the size 13's too! WOW! Nantz, you must have an awesome looking brother! And JoJo, you must have a great boyfriend! Can't say I know of anyone that comes even a little close to being a double for Vincent.

vikeau said...

Yeah Nantz your brother sounds nice looking. Is he the one that's the twin? And how fantastic that you past this info on to Tom, I hope it works out for him. He's a cool dude.

nikkiesplace said...

Wow, Vincent must have lost a lot of weight! I would have guessed a shirt size of 17.5x36 and a 48L in a jacket. The pants length is a shocker too only a 34 I would have thought a 36 as it seems like he has such long legs! Heck I wear a 34 length in jeans-lol, and I no were near 6'3.5"!

Nantz said...

My brother is handsome, thank you, and he is a twin...great memory, vikeau. He too wears a size 13 shoe. These numbers have me thinking too, nikkie because I would have thought the measurements you listed as being more accurate. I know my brother wears a size 17 shirt and a 36 length because he's 6'3". I'm 5'8" and could wear a 34 length. Vincent has very broad shoulders and a 48 suit jacket seems more in line. Maybe with his weight loss the numbers are what they are now.

miss lee said...

Theres only one Vincent Phillp D'Onofrio, no other man will not compare to Vincent. But Good Luck to all who enter. Your right Vincent has lost some weight, maybe he stopped smoking. Im guessing he still is.

maculae said...
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sullie said...

Maybe he wears a 14 shoe, :) Nantz, I have twin sons- twins are something else aren't they? I was thinking based on my boys, their shirt size is a 17.5 x 34 but they're pretty thin and not quite as tall to fit these measurement. I also thought the pant size was short for a big guy like VDO.

Nantz said...

Oh, I have no idea what size shoes he wears, but I do know my bro is over 6 foot and that's the size he wears. I do know that Toni told me Vincent did quit smoking, Miss Lee.

miss lee said...

Thanks Nanrz. I'm happy that Vincent quit smoking. It looks he lost some weight.Vincent looks like he wears a size 11.

miss lee said...

Thanks Nantz