Sunday, March 11, 2012

Early buzz of SUPER SECRET SCREENING of 'Sinister' is positive...


SINISTER is the most serious, intelligent and adult horror I've ever seen, and also the scariest. WELL DONE,  

Dug SINISTER. Good, genuine scares make for great fun. Sound design paired with story telling makes it one not to miss & hard to shake.

I'm still buzzing about Sinister. Shaking. Crime film with horror tinges. Putting on the coffee now, going to be a long sleepless night.

SINISTER: I applaud effort to make something different than usual usual horror fare. Didn't get under my skin, but it sure tried hard.

SINISTER is white knuckle terror.

It's official: "Sinister" is perfectly-titled! Now to sleep, perchance to...nightmare? Damn.  

 secret screening was Sinister and it was so fucking scary. Amazing film! Everyone is in for a treat come October

Sinister went over really well. An actually clever deviation on haunted house movies. Will make some noise in October.

Just wait for "Sinister" to come out America!! It's truly the best horror movie I've seen in years. Congrats !!

Sinister is going to kill next fall - no pun intended. If you like thrillers, go. I may have nightmares for life.

SINISTER stars Ethan Hawke, was written by  and, was directed by Derrickson, retards my sleep forever. 

SINISTER was pretty scary. Lots of great, creepy imagery. 

Sinister is going to kill in October. Seriously, this movie is a genuinely great thriller. CREEPIEST film I've seen in a while


Was SINISTER scary? I don't know, why don't you ask all the pee in my pants?? Holy crap. People are gonna go *insane* for this. 

Sinister is an amazingly well made film. Great job ! Thx 4 letting me b a part of ur special night

Really dug Sinister. Something new with haunting visuals & genuine chills. Bravo  & team! 

Pretty sure I jumped on top of  5 times duringSINISTER. My nerves are completely wrecked.

SINISTER is the creepiest movie I've seen since INSIDIOUS. Holy crap, this is going to be a great Halloween release. Not sleeping tonight.

Jesus Christ, SINISTER is unbelievably scary. My heart is still aflutter.

SINISTER is another brick establishing 2012 as a landmark year for horror. Congrats  

Just saw SINISTER. Never. Fucking. Sleeping. Again.

Summit has something really special with Sinister. Bloody, brooding and aggressively creepy. Loved it times ten.

SINISTER starts w/ an unforgettably haunting image & ramps up the tension to near unbearable levels. It's original & terrifying.  


Ruby said...

Awesome comments!! I can hardly wait!!!!

Rose said...

Wow, you sure don't see comments about a movie like this very often, can't wait.

vikeau said...

Now I'm really impressed. Two positive professional reviews but the people have spoken. Loved the comment--"was I scared, asked the pee in my pants." Something for which too definately look forward.

Nantz said...

These were all comments from people who had just seen the movie. The theatre had 200 seats and as far as I could gather...everyone liked what they saw.