Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Numbers...


ReleasedMovie NameRole1st weekendUS GrossWorldwide Gross
3/11/2011Kill the IrishmanJohn Nardi$145,430$1,188,194$1,188,194
3/5/2010Brooklyn's Finest$13,350,299$27,163,593$37,563,547
6/2/2006The Break UpDennis Grobowski$39,172,785$118,806,699$202,944,203
9/16/2005ThumbsuckerMike Cobb$85,327$1,328,679$1,919,197
6/14/2002The Dangerous Lives of Altar BoysFather Casey$55,000$1,779,284$1,779,284
4/26/2002The Salton SeaPooh Bear$166,309$676,698$676,698
4/19/2002Chelsea WallsFrank$10,003$59,675$59,675
8/24/2001Happy AccidentsSam Deed$14,840$688,523$731,212
8/18/2000Steal This MovieAbbie Hoffman$23,221$76,053$76,053
8/18/2000The CellCarl Stargher$17,515,050$61,280,963$61,280,963
2/25/2000Claire DolanElton Garrett$9,480$9,480
7/16/1999The Velocity of GaryValentino$34,145$34,145
5/28/1999The Thirteenth FloorWhitney/Ashton$4,278,452$11,810,854$11,810,854
3/27/1998The Newton BoysDoc Newton$4,010,245$10,341,093$10,341,093
7/25/1997The WinnerPhilip$21,000$21,000
7/2/1997Men in BlackEdgar$51,068,455$250,690,539$587,790,539
3/7/1997Good LuckTony 'Ole' Olezniak$39,962$39,962$39,962
3/7/1997Boys Life 2Tony Randozza$56,224$479,504$479,504
12/18/1996The Whole Wide WorldRobert E. 'Bob' Howard$160,766$160,766
9/13/1996Feeling MinnesotaSam Clayton$1,598,051$3,124,440$3,752,446
10/6/1995Strange DaysBurton Steckler$7,918,562$7,918,562
4/12/1995Stuart Saves His FamilyDonnie Smalley$371,898$911,310$911,310
9/30/1994Ed WoodOrson Welles$5,828,466$5,828,466
5/6/1994Being HumanPriest$764,011$1,461,200$1,461,200
10/1/1993Mr. WonderfulDominic$3,125,000$3,125,000
11/18/1992Malcolm XBill Newman$9,871,125$48,169,910$48,169,910
4/10/1992The PlayerDavid Kahane$21,706,101$28,876,702
12/20/1991JFKBill Newman$5,223,658$70,405,498$205,400,000
6/21/1991Dying YoungGordon$9,725,885$32,669,178$81,264,473
1/1/1991Crooked HeartsCharley Warren$31,000$31,000
2/23/1990The Blood of HeroesYoung Gar$471,775$882,290$882,290
1/1/1989Signs of LifeDaryl Monahan$96,000$96,000
10/21/1988Mystic PizzaBill$1,163,939$12,793,213$12,793,213
7/3/1987Adventures in BabysittingDawson$2,901,297$33,790,923$33,790,923
6/26/1987Full Metal JacketPrivate Pyle$2,217,307$45,015,999$45,015,999
Total Grosses$780,684,031$1,404,343,100
Average Gross$21,099,568


Ruby said...

REALLY interesting!!

Nantz said...

The numbers for FMJ surprise me.

JoJo said...

This list is just fascinating! I could read it all night! It makes me wonder if the low earning movies were made for TV? Or direct to video? Like Crooked Hearts and Good Luck. And Guy only made $5,000? It must've cost so much more to shoot. I remember the first time I saw it and I decided to watch the credits and I was shocked at just how many people were involved. It truly felt like it was just the people we saw in the movie and 'Camera' shooting it. And of course there'd have been a few editors. Film making is not easy. My cousin majored in it at Ithaca and I knew a lot of people majoring in it at Emerson too.

Nantz said...

I too, found this list fascinating to look over. I did some research on 'Guy' and I couldn't find much except that it was released in the US, Germany and the UK.

USA 17 December 1997
UK 22 May 1998
Italy 2 April 1999

I do know that in all of my digging for news, etc. that this movie is the one that everyone is looking for the most. I am thankful to have it on DVD and it's one of my favorites. If it was re-released, that 5 grand number would surely go up.

havers said...

I asked me how real these numbers are. I don't believe that more than 50 % of these movies where only released in the US.

But I agree, it's fascinating to see the big differences.

vikeau said...

I'd seen this list before and realized why some of these movies are so hard to come by. For instance, I'm sure if Guy were re-released it would make more than $5000.00 and that would just be from the likes of us. ;-)

Nantz said...

Antje, I think it all depends on the distributor and the rights whether it gets shown in other countries or not. vikeau, 'Guy' is one of those hidden gems.

Karen said...

very interesting like you said Guy is the one that people are after, I paid $75.00 for mine and it's only a copy from a video its certainly watchable but if I could I'd pay for a better quality DVD of it and I am surprsied it doesn't get re released too.

Nantz said...

They need to re-release it.